About Us | Joining the rope access movement

Uniting all areas of rope access under one banner.

It has been a passion of mine to showcase all the adventurous, dedicated and inspiring people involved in rope access.

After 5 years of working as a rope access technician, I wanted to set up a community of like minded ropeys. A space for people all over the world to celebrate their love and passion for our crazy profession.

 So, in 2017 I launched Rope Access Around the World (RAATW) as an unknown Instagram page.

Since then, the RAATW community has grown to over 13,000 followers and counting! It has been a huge privilege to share experiences and talk to so many people all over the world about our passion for rope access.


This website acts as an extension of the rope access community we've built on social media. Here you can expect to find news, updates and exclusive RAATW merch. Watch this space.

 So welcome, its a pleasure to have you here!